Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to School!

Well... I'm back to school. After being off from work for 4 months, I was so ready to go back. Ready, excited, but still nervous. Nervous because I can't always control my body and how it acts. I'm confident, because I have more good days than bad, but still worried. Worried that I would be in the middle of a session with a child, and have a problem. Worried that I'd be driving and not anywhere near a restroom. Worried that my body wouldn't cooperate with me. Well, after two days, I can say my body has been well behaved. Two full days of travel, class time, home visits, meetings, etc. and I made it through. I have no doubt that there WILL be days that aren't so good, but I'm feeling much more confident that it's going to be ok. Unless you've been in this situation, it's really hard to understand what it's like. It feels unrealistic to me sometimes, but then I realize I'm really living it, and making it through ok.

Other than the nerves about my body, my job is the best!!! Who wouldn't want to work and play with little kids all day and get paid for it! It's unreal. I really am doing my dream job! I miss being in the classroom all day, but am super excited to really get into my new position. I think that once playgroups start, and I get my parents attending our classroom settings, it's going to be AWESOME! I have so many neat ideas that I want to implement for my families. It just going to be great. Super busy, and hectic at times, but great. There will be days that I will be running around like crazy from homes, to classrooms, to libraries, daycare, etc. and back again. But I'm going to do my best to make our Transition process the best it can be! Working with the kids and families is awesome, but there sure it a LOT of paperwork!

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