Sunday, January 17, 2010

8 weeks and counting :)

Well, yesterday was the 8 week mark for us. Things seem to be going well I guess. I feel fine other than just tired. I'm so worried and paranoid though. I have very little symptoms and so I'm constantly wondering if I'm still pregnant, if the baby is still alive, if everything is still ok. Is a little nausea, morning sickness, or frequent urination too much to ask for? Really, I'm driving my self insane and I'm so anxious to see the Dr. Tuesday. I know that getting to see my little baby's heartbeat again will make me feel a little better for a little longer. I just pray that all goes well and things look just as perfect as they did two weeks ago.

I don't think anything will every take my worry completely away. As many of you already know, (because for me, I have to be very open and honest about things... too keep me from completely loosing my mind) My last pregnancy ended in a D &C after the baby's heart stopped. I found out when I was at my 12 week visit, but the Dr. said the baby was only measuring 10 weeks (that must have been when their little heart stopped and they stopped growing). So, I think I will feel a bit better after at least that point. My IVF Dr. wants to release me if everything looks good this week, but I think I'll make him keep me on two more weeks. I've been thinking of doubling up and making an apt. with my OB too. Then maybe I can see my baby every week. My OB is wonderful and has stated that he will do ultrasounds for me every week if that's what it takes to ease my mind. He is so kind and understanding. One great thing that came from all my pain, surgeries and such... meeting this fabulous specialist who is so genuine and caring!!!

Anyways, right now I'm just praying a lot and trying to be very positive. Monday and Tuesday will be hard to get through, I hope all my appointments don't cancel so I'm going non-stop both days right up to the time I see the Dr. Of course I know I'll feel sick to the point of vomiting (nerves always get to me) while I'm sitting in the waiting room Tuesday afternoon!

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  1. Still praying for you - if you need to talk to someone shoot me an e-mail.