Monday, March 30, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend

So, I had a great time this weekend with my sister home from Boston. It was a short trip for her, so we had to make the most of every minute. When her plane came in Friday afternoon, Jason and I along with my Mom and Dad, were there to greet her. Detroit Metro Airport is so easy to get around, there was no trouble at all! Her flight went well, and we were all ready to eat! We went to Chili's in Ann Arbor and had a great time. We had a few drinks, ate, and just talked the night away. By the time we got home that evening it was nearly midnight. Trish came home with us and we all retired to bed by 2am.
Saturday morning Trish and I got up around 8:30. We showered and headed over to my parents house to pick up my Mom and Julia. We all had apts. to get our hair done at 10:30, so there was no time to waste. All of us got color/highlights and a new cut. It was a ton of fun and we all left feeling really good. From there we headed to Red Lobster for lunch! After a wonderful lunch, we decided to make the journey to Monroe to visit the Horizon Outlet Centers there. It was sad to see that so many of the stores there had closed down, but there was plenty open to keep us shopping until around 7pm. At that point we decided to head north toward Ann Arbor to do a bit more shopping and of course eat dinner. We all decided that Cold Stone (the best ice cream place ever!) was the perfect dinner for a girls night out. We ended our shopping spree with Borders, where we spent about 2 hrs. previewing books and of course purchasing a few that made the cut! The four of us girls had an absolute blast just talking, laughing and singing in the car all day! We ended up getting home once again close to midnight.
Sunday was fun too, but sad. We got up around 9. Trish had to pack up her new purchases and put the ones that needed to be shipped aside. We then headed over to my parents house to meet my Mom and Aunt Judy. From there we went to visit my Grandma Brown at the Lenawee Medical Care Facility. Grandma was is great spirits and really enjoyed our company. She even remember who I was without anyone telling her. We stayed with her while she had lunch and then helped her in bed for her afternoon nap. At that point we left to go have some lunch of our own. Mancino's was Trish's place of choice for her last meal before the flight out. It was nice for us to get to catch up with Aunt Judy. We then headed back toward Metro to drop Trish off for her flight. You would think after all this time she' lived in Boston, and all the times we've had to drop her at the airport, it wouldn't' be so emotional.... but it always is! I just miss her so much and hope someday we will live a bit closer again. Until then, I will cherish every second that I get to spend with her and be thankful that we can all afford travel back and forth right now.

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