Monday, April 6, 2009

A Plan...

As you may know, our 5-year anniversary is quickly approaching. (I can't believe it's been 5 years already!) We have been tossing around ideas on a get-a-way for quite sometime, and other things always come up. Either we are waiting for lines on a pink stick, or have doctor appointments or whatever. Anyways, we decided enough was enough. Less thinking and more doing, and I guess that's just the excuse we needed to push us over the edge.

So, on May 7th we will fly to Vegas for a 2nd Honeymoon in celebration of a fabulous 5 years together. I'm so super excited. This trip has really brightened my spirit and given my mind a much needed new topic of obsession. We debated about going to Hawaii or some other tropical oasis, but we wanted to keep this trip shorter so that we can take another vacation later this summer. AND, the idea of returning to the spot where we celebrated our first week as a married couple really just makes my heart jump.

We are going to stay at a different hotel, and see a few different shows (can you believe that all the shows we saw last time are STILL there!) I'm sure they are a bit different, but we are going to mix it up a bit. I've booked the flight and hotel, but am researching before we purchase our show tickets. Last time we saw Blue Man Group (which I would LOVE to see again), Lance Burton, and a few other smaller comedy shows. This time we are debating between David Spade, Criss Angel, a dinner mystery show, and a hypnotist. I think we will also go to the Tournament of Kings because it is just fun! We went while in Florida and in Vegas. I just like it.

Secretly I am hoping that all that crap that everyone says is true.... you know what I'm talking about. Everyone is always saying crap like, "quite trying, it will happen", or "make a big purchase, it'll happen" or "Plan a tropical vacation where you want to enjoy a few drinks, it will happen". You know... All of THOSE comments that make me want to strangle people. Well... We bought a motorcycle 3 years ago, my dad was sure that would work.... here I am still baby-less and making payments on a motorcycle... (which I'm not complaining about, I actually really do love it just as much as Jason). The large purchase try was a bust, so I guess it's time for a vacation! (secretly crossing fingers).

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