Friday, June 12, 2009

It's been awhile...

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. I have no good excuse, so we'll just leave it at that. So, an update on the last two months.

Our Anniversary Vegas trip went on as planned. The weather was absolutely amazing there. Sunny and 90's the entire week! I really didn't want to leave! We saw some shows, toured all the hotels/casinos on the strip, revisited our Honeymoon hotel (the Tropicana), partied Down Town Vegas and spent time by the pool! The only way it could have been more perfect was if we left with a few hundred thousand or more in our pockets! Our luck isn't so great(neither of us are big gamblers and I've been told you have to really spend to win), so I'll take the $90 we won and be happy with that. At least we didn't' loose $$.

We had an awesome time and to make it even better... My mom ended up being there on our last two days there, so we got to hang out with her. It was Mother's Day, so we bought tickets to the Beetles Love show. She loves the Beetles and we had a great time. My sister had bought us tickets to Mystere (a Cirque du Soleil production) and it was fabulous!!! I can't say how amazing it was, just go see it if you ever have the change. Strange but just incredible. So, because we loved that show so much, we decided to see the Beetles Love show which is also a Cirque du Soleil production. Based on these two experiences I have come to the conclusion that I would love to see ANY Cirque du Soleil show and would recommend that you do too! They were great!!!

Jason had a little too much fun on the night of the Beetles show, and didn't exactly make it through the night.... lots of fun memories there and a pretty funny text message too! Great times! The best news is that both of our flights were amazing! Many of you know the story of how we thought we were going to die on the way to Vegas for our Honeymoon, and then again on the return flight. Needless-to-say, neither of us really like flying because of this one trip! BUT, that is all in the past now, both flights were awesome. I hardly even knew we were off the ground! Just all around great vacation.

My mom and dad's house is really coming along. Don't think I've mentioned it, but their dream of building a house is finally coming true. They originally were going to build behind us off to the Munson Rd. Side, across from the cemetery, but for convenience and financial purposes, the location has moved to right across the road from us. The foundation is there and the house is expected to be up and ready to move into by the end of July. They are super excited!! Hopefully things will go smooth for them.

Summer is here and school is out. Working with the little ones I now work summers too. It's strange, but nice. Really... I think all school should go year around. It would be so much better for our children! They would retain so much more. And really, regular teachers in my district are working 185 days, I work 195 days a year. That's only 10 more working days... the thing is, it's just spread out through the year. I really like it! It fits my style. I don't really need a full 3 months off at a time. I like having week breaks throughout the year! Anyway, I love my job and feel so blessed to have it! The children and families I work with are amazing!

Jason and I are currently enjoying a nice long 10 day vacation together. I had a week off from work to start the summer, and he took his week of mandatory leave at the same time so we could hang out. Due to the times, his company has made some cuts and adjustments. One of these adjustments is that all employees must take a mandatory week of unpaid leave per quarter. This is tough, but at least he still has a job! I thank God for this and continue to count my many blessings in life. So, on our week off we have lounged around, slept in daily, taken bike rides, visited Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield village, shopped, watched movies, and just relaxed! It's been great and I'm sort of sad we both have to get back into our routines on Monday. We'll have another full week together in August! I'm looking forward to that. I have two more weeks off at the end of the month, but he doesn't. We are probably going to take a trip to Boston in late July or early August, but no details are set yet.

My body is still not cooperating. We have taken a break from all meds and are pinching our pennies for Invitro. I'm still hanging on to hope that it may "just happen", but the doctors are not overly optimistic about this happening. I used to be, but it has been well over 4 years now, so I'm not sure how optimistic I really can be at this point. They feel really positive about Invitro, but it just scares me to think about it. I guess we'll see. Really and truly, it is out of my hands and I will live with the life that God has set for me. It has been an extremely blessed one thus, how can I complain when I have a wonderful husband, great family, terrific friends, a fabulous job, a beautiful home and so much more. I am truly blessed and although I long for children of my own, I know God has a plan :)

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  1. Mindy it's so good to read your blog and see how you (and Jason) are doing! I can totally relate to your last sentence... and just know you're not going through this alone! I'm right there with you!!!