Thursday, August 27, 2009


I am so excited I feel like I might just jump right out of my skin. I had my Dr. appointment today and the ultrasound showed lots and lots of eggs. The nurse said that on average, most patients have 10-15 follicles for retrieval. Of course more is better because it gives you more chances to fertilize an egg and create a healthy embryo that makes it to Day 5 for the best chances of a successful transfer. Well... one of my ovaries has that many eggs. It was hard to count because there are so many, but it seems there are at least 12 in my left ovary and at least 11 in my right. The nurse was very pleased, and that makes me feel very happy as well. I'm just feeling so optimistic about this whole procedure. Jason and I have waited over 4 years, and I feel like this is it. My body is cooperating and things just came together even when it looked like it wouldn't. I know that there is still only about at 37% chance of me carrying a baby to full term, but I feel like I'm going to be on the positive end of a percentage for once in my life! I just really feel like we will finally be blessed... it is going to happen. I go back to the Dr. on Sunday morning and in the mean time I start a third injection to prevent premature ovulation. We don't want those little eggs letting go on their own. Of course now that would happen since they wouldn't do it for 4 years on their own! LOL, anyway, I'm feeling so good... so excited, so anxious! Praying for a miracle!

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