Saturday, August 23, 2008

"HOLY Highlights Batman!!!!!"

So yesterday I decided enough is enough. I have dirty dishwater blonde hair, and I need some highlights to brighten in up. This used to be a normal activity for me, but when I think about it, I haven't had highlights in OVER a year. I had become used to my dull blonde hair color so much that I ignored it. Enough of that.
I call my normal hair salon, and they are booked all day. Not wanting to wait, I think about it. I remember that my friend Lacey always goes to Outer Limits in Hillsdale. She says they are good and always looks great, so I figure, "why not". They have an appointment available, but I need to leave my house NOW to get there on time. No time to think or ask questions, I grab my purse and Go!

So I get there and meet my stylist. She is very nice. I tell her I'm desperate for some highlights because I'm sick and tired of looking so drab. She asks, "so you want all over highlights". Yes, that sounds good. Ok, yes I wanted them all over, but the result left me feeling like my hair was simply died bleach blonde... there isn't much of my natural hair color left. It really isn't that bad when I'm in the salon, but once I step out into the natural sunlight, I realize just how dramatic it is! So... you can see the result from the above picture. (Please ignore my stupid expression, I wasn't quite ready... lol)
Oh, I still will be going to Outer Limits. The girls there were nice and fun! I just need to be more specific about my wants. Their prices are really reasonable too! I think next time I might actually try dying my hair brown! That will be different. I'd love to be brave enough to go for a short sassy style too, but I'm just suck a chicken when it comes to my hair!


  1. Mindy the color looks gorgeous! Maybe you just need some time to get used to it.

  2. I really like it!!! I like that it's bright!!! Give it some time and I'm sure you'll love it!!


  3. Yeah I really like your hair too! I'm going to blog some more about my vacation soon. I just have no time for blogging... ha ha.