Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rotten Ragu

So, last night I decided to make Chicken Parmesan. Jason just loves this and it's relatively easy to make. I really enjoy it too. I get out my pasta pan, and get the water started on the stove. I put the chicken in the oven and get out my sauce pan for the spaghetti sauce. I get the jar of sauce out of the cabinet and pot open the top. I turn to the spice cabinet to get out a few spices and when I turn around there is a huge mess.

Sauce is bubbling up over the top of the jar and starting to slide over the side. I quickly grab cookie sheet and place the overflowing jar on the cookie sheet to prevent a larger mess all over my counter. As the smell travels up to my nose, I realize exactly what was happening...

Never before have I ever had this happen to me, but the sauce was rotten! It was actually so fermented that coming in contact with the fresh oxygen in the air made a chemical reaction and allowed it to start bubbling up. How disgusting. I had JUST bought this sauce. It couldn't be spoiled. So I get the lid and check the date. Not expired, the date says June 17, 2010. I could have swore that the top popped when I opened it which would mean that it was sealed... I don't know, but it was awful! Stinky, disgusting and just sickening. Thank goodness I was making Chicken Parmesan and not spaghetti, otherwise I would have ruined a pound of ground turkey as well!

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