Sunday, August 17, 2008

Super Duper Sister Visit!

My sister flew in from Boston to visit this weekend. I love and miss her dearly and I absolutely love when she comes to visit. We don't get to spend a lot of time together, so I cherish every minute. It was a short trip this time, but we made the most of every minute.

On Friday my Mom, Julia and I picked her up at around 2:15pm from Detroit Metro Airport.
Her flight was not only on time, but actually 15 minutes early! This was very refreshing and worked out nicely because instead of us trying to squeeze into a curb spot, that is typically 3 lanes deep, and patrolled by the police to make to re-loop around the airport until you can get a curb spot, She was standing by the curb and we pulled right up and she got right in. So nice!

From the airport we headed back into Ann Arbor where we had a late lunch at Chili's. I really love this restaurant, but I have to say, it's not so much my favorite anymore. I am soooooo disappointed that they discontinued the BEST SALAD EVER! It was call the grilled caribbean salad. It was grilled chicken layer upon crisp green lettuce, mandarin oranges, pineapple, tortilla strips, pico de gallo, and topped off with the most fabulous sweet honey-mustard-lime dressing! I love this salad and was so sad when I saw it was no longer part of the menu!

Ok, anyway, back to the wonderful weekend adventure. So from Chili's we went on a bit of a shopping trip. We spent hours going from store to store just looking, shopping, and talking! It was wonderful. By around 8:00pm we were ready for some COLD STONE! Yummy. Then more shopping, laughing, and good times. Finally we decided to try to make our way home after stopping for some sweet tea and diet coke's at McDonald's in the midst of our 80's karaoke party in the car! What's more fun that a car of girls belting out their favorite tunes and car dancing! I had a blast and I think everyone else did too.

On the way home we stopped at my Mom's place of employment to drop Charlei off in her office. Charlei is her new beautifully blue-green beta fish of which she acquired during our shopping spree. He loved it beautiful new home. And so we fed him and headed back to our parents house to visit a bit more. Finally a little after midnight we returned to my house to crash!

An early morning after a sleepless night left us yawning, but we were still ready to go. After breakfast and showers, we headed to Adrian to meet our Mom, Aunt Judy, and Julia to spend the day with our Grandmother who currently lives in a nursing home. We had so much fun hanging out! We went to Culver's where we had lunch, but sat for what must have been 2 hours talking once again. Trish and I ran in to an old friend from High School who we haven't seen for years and it was so nice! We were really happy to reconnect and exchange info once again. Then... more shopping. This time Julia pushed Grandma in her wheelchair across the parking lot to Big Lots where we picked up some odds and ends, school supplies, and a hearing aide battery for Grandma.

From Big Lots we headed across the street to the Mall. Grandma was ready for more and boy did we tire her out. We did some school cloths shopping at Penny's, and strolled through some of the other stores too. By the time we left, Grandma was exhausted. Trish and I returned to my house for an hour break, while Mom, Julia and Aunt Judy took Grandma home to tuck her in for a quick afternoon nap before dinner.

At 6:00pm we met at my parents house to celebrate Ash's 16th Birthday. She was there for food, cake, and presents, and then in the true fashion of a new driver, she headed to her friends house to spend the night! We continued to hang out, chat, and mess around with the kids. Trish killed the boys at Guitar Hero and then we all had to listen to them trying to beat her score for the rest of the night. It was fun! The kids don't get to see Trish much either, so I think they really enjoyed getting to spend some fun time with her as well. Of course, we once again stayed until midnight, and then headed back to my house to crash.

Today was an early morning too. Trish's flight was set for around 1:45pm, so we pretty much only had time to drive and do lunch. We did however HAVE to get to my parents house early enough to wake up our niece Leah and foster sister LaKoda to paint their toenails. See, I had promised the day before that I would come early enough to paint them sparkly just like mine. So we had about a half hour there with the kids, then my mom, Trish and I headed back toward Detroit!

We had to make a quick lunch stop, so we opted for Steak N Shake! My mom and sister LOVE ice cream, so this is typically included in our daily outing whenever we have the chance. We shared cheese fries and had shakes, it was delicious. Unfortunately the fun had to end and from there we had to take Trish and drop her back off at the airport. I will miss her!

I have to say, it was the BEST weekend I've had all summer. Even the hourly bathroom trips couldn't bring me down! It was so great to be me again!!!!!!! And most of all spend some time with my awesome sister!

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