Monday, August 18, 2008

Too Much Toilet Time

I had a good weekend. Actually, I've had good days Thursday, Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday. I made it through 2 car trips to and from the airport which is about an hour and a half drive. This all makes me very happy, BUT late last night and early this morning were NOT so good. Again... I find myself stuck to the toilet. I have the urge, I go, I get up, I sit back down, I go, I get up, I sit back down, etc. HELP... I can't get away from the toilet!
My mom has encouraged me to keep track of good days & bad days. Hopefully I'll see the number of good days going up, and the number of bad days going down AND THEN maybe I'll feel more encouraged and positive about my healing progress. Ok, so the current count is 4 good, 1bad! All I can say is that my situation is a "pain in the BUTT".... LITERALLY!!!

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  1. Diary is a good idea. You might want to include a food diary and look for patterns. A certain food may be irritating to you healing GI track. Good luck and it's great that you are having more good days than bad days. Keep your chin up.