Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WARNING: Poopy Problem... don't read if you don't want details

I guess I have to start this post off by updating some of you about my recent health issues. I've been blogging on my MySpace about it for months now, but for those of you who can only catch me there, here's the scoop.

For about 2 years (while trying to conceive) I experienced increasing pain and symptoms related to my digestive system. I went from physician to specialist and back with no avail. I was dismissed and told that it was menstrual cramps (Give me a break, I'm 27, I think I know what these feel like by now). I got pregnant in Sept. of 2007(with fertility drugs) and oddly enough, my problems went away. Unfortunately I suffered a miscarriage on December 13 and my problems came back STRONG! Anyway, I finally persisted enough and convinced my doctor I needed a colonoscopy. So, in January of this year I had one done. The doctors found a large mass on my rectum and colon. They were unable to biopsy the mass due to its location even with a laproscopic surgery! A second colonoscopy was done by colorectal surgeon who could not rule out cancer. So... in May I underwent major abdominal surgery to remove this mass. Thanks fully it was NOT cancer, but left my insides a mess after a colon resectioning and a temporary ileostomy (bag). July 30 I had my ileostomy removed. Ok, that catches you all up in short... here's where I'm at now!

Well, I had my 2-week post operation appointment today. They took the staples out of my incision and said it looked pretty good. It’s still open about a quarter of an inch, so they put steri-strips on it to hold it together. On the exterior, things are going pretty good. I feel good most of the time and except for the huge scars all over my stomach, I’m looking ok too. I dropped another 10lbs (you can’t really tell… at least I don’t notice too much) with this surgery, so there’s a small silver lining…. I guess.

Internally, I’m still a mess. The doctor says I will see large improvements in the next 3 weeks, and over all improvements for up to the next 2 years. This is good news, but I sure wish it would happen a bit faster. It’s so hard because I still feel confined. With the bag, I felt confined do to self-image and how uncomfortable I was in general. Now I feel confined because of the flu or food poisoning-like symptoms that I endure on a whim. A constant urge to use the bathroom, diarrhea, constipation, and what the doctor calls “fragmented bowel movements”. I never know when it’s going to happen, but when it does, I need to be near a bathroom… NOW! And it’s not as if I just do my business and it’s done, no… it stays with me for an hour or so. Today I thought we were going to be stranded in Ann Arbor after my doctor’s appointment waiting for my system to get it together. Luckily is settled down enough so that I could at least make it the hour and a half trip home.

I’m just praying that God will help my system start working like it should. I’m scared to death that this is how my life is going to be and I just don’t know how I’ll deal. I can’t imagine doing many of the activities that we enjoyed before, much less work. How in the world am I going to give my all to my students when I could have to run to the bathroom every 15 minutes to an hour? Trips on the Harley… yeah right! Camping… I guess if I bring a bucket! Anyway, right now I’m just really worried that all the problems I’m incurring may go on longer than I can endure! God Help Me… Please!

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  1. I'm sorry about your GI explosions. I kinda now a little of what you are going through. Before I knew I had Celiac's I never knew when it was going to hit and eating was a pain because I new within 1/2 hour I'd be in pain and running for a bathroom. We could start our own support group, call it: "surprise poopers annonymous", spa, for short, what do ya think?